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Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered - GEREIFT - 2006

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Tolles Trakrecord - Schon seit langem ein Geheimtip. Immer mit den besten Bewertungen im WINE Magazin und an nationalen und internationalen Wein-Wettbewerben.- Volle Konzentration, fruchtorientiert mit klassischer Cabernet Sauvignon Struktur. Komplex, vielschichtig mit Pflaumen und Kirsch Geschmack, würzigen Eichenfassnoten und reifen Gerbstoffen mit langem Nachhall.

Hier der ausführliche Beschrieb auf Englisch:

Fact sheet

Made from superior grapes meticulously selected from prized vineyard blocks in the Cape Coastal region, Fleur du Cap Unfiltered wines are shaped in perfect harmony with nature. Handpicked in the vineyard and handcrafted in the cellar, these new generation wines capture the highly sought-after qualities of varietal character and terroir. Sedimentation, racking and fining as opposed to filtration maximise the preservation of colour and flavour elements resulting in wines that abound with fruit and flavour.


Climate, soil, altitude and slope orientation are selected to capture as much varietal character as possible. Climate is mild with south and east facing slopes offering natural protection against late afternoon sun. Cooling breezes from the Atlantic Ocean ensure rich, slow-growing crops. Soils are predominantly medium textured and well-drained with good water holding capacity.

The vineyards (Viticulturist: Bennie Liebenberg)

The grapes were selected from a south-west facing single vineyard in the Bottelary Hills region. The vineyard is 12 years old and a yield of 4 tons/ha was obtained. The 5-wire hedge system was used for trellising. Vineyards were cultivated under dryland conditions. Pest and disease control was implemented according to South African subjective IPW standards.

The winemaking

The grapes were handpicked at 24º Balling at the end of March. In the cellar the juice fermented on the skins at 28ºC for 8 days. The wine underwent malolactic fermentation in 2nd fill French oak barrels for a month and was racked into new French oak barrels and matured for 16 months at 15ºC. It was racked twice and fining with egg white was done during the last racking. The wine has undergone no filtration or stabilisation.

Winemaker’s comments (Winemaker: Justin Corrans)

This robust wine is dark ruby in colour with aromas of blackcurrant, dark chocolate and mocha on the nose. This full-bodied wine has a good tannic backbone supported by cherry and plum flavours complemented by a spicy oakiness.

Food pairings

This complex wine is the ideal accompaniment to fillet of beef and roast lamb but goes equally well with rich, robust dishes and strong-flavoured cheeses.


Residual sugar 2.1 g/l

Extract 32.0 g/l

Alcohol 14.47vol %

Total acidity 6.1g/l

pH 3.6

CHF 35.00
inkl. MwSt CHF 2.50


Die UNFILTERED Range von Fleur du Cap ist die Reserve Range. Es handelt sich hier durchs Band um hochstehende Weine, welche Ihrem Namen gerecht werden. Sehr gute, klassische Weine mit 4 bis 5* Platter's Bewertungen zu einem fairen Preis.


Weingut / Produzent
Fleur du Cap
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14.5 %
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Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered - GEREIFT - 2006


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Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered - GEREIFT - 2006