Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc - Ankunft Mitte Dezember - 2017

Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc - Ankunft Mitte Dezember - 2017

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Therefore it shows incredible texture and palate weight. The aromas are flinty with honey, orange blossom and white stone fruit notes. All our wines are minimally fined and filtered so occasionally they will throw a harmless deposit.
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The grapes are hand picked with great care and chilled overnight in a cold room. The following day they are whole bunch pressed to a settling tank. These vineyards were picked over a period of 12 days and each day fresh juice was added to the already fermenting tanks – this extended the alcoholic fermentation by about 20 days but was also very important in the complete integration of the wine as all the various vineyards or components were fermented together. Some of the wine was also fermented in old casks – this makes up around 8% of the final blend. Secateurs – shape our bushvines during the winter pruning and are used to pick the ripe grapes in summer. Our family has, for the last three generations, nurtured our vines so that they can produce fruit of integrity. This is the second Secateurs Chenin Blanc bottled under the Badenhorst Family Wines range and continues the life long affair with this most wonderful grape. The 2010 spent time on its lees in concrete and steel tanks and some old casks which is a very important part of the maturation of the wine.

Chenin Blanc 100%

Tim Atkin
89 Punkte
0 - 100
4 Sterne
0 - 5

Passt sehr gut zu Fischgerichten aber auch zu pikanten und vegetarische Speisen.


Artikelnummer SKU-AR5603-ID222030631
Jahrgang 2017
Weingebiet Swartland
Produzent Badenhorst
Rebsorten Chenin Blanc
Abfüllung 75 cl
Alkoholgehalt 13 %
Trinktemperatur (°C) von 9
Trinktemperatur (°C) bis 11
Lagerdauer von 2016
Lagerdauer bis 2021


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Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc - Ankunft Mitte Dezember - 2017


CHF 15.90